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It was kind enough for them to let me reschedule a session that I pulled out on last minute. +5 for uKitePro.

My 5-hour session was with Andrey who was great--and very authentic.

Wind wasn't too great but he got me plenty excited to take on more lessons--of which I'll be doing!

I recommend uKitePro to anyone wanting to learn kiteboarding. Vadim P.

On a lesson with Seagate kitesurfing class in New York

I've taken two lessons from them. First was group lesson with two other people; we did kite work on land and then moved into the water... unfortunately, the wind died out on us when we got in the water.
uKitepro has a great policy when the wind dies out... they will credit you those hours at a later date, and sell you discounted hours if you want to tack more on at that time.
The best part is that even though the original lesson was group, the hours they credited me were for a private, jetski assisted lesson! I added two more hours on top of the one they owed me...
I was able to get up and riding on the board about halfway through the lesson, which was more than i expected. Granted, it's possible that I'm just totally freakin awesome. Though I have to give some credit to uKitePro. Couldn't have done it without you guys, you rock!
Thanks! Ivy H.

On a lesson with Plumb Beach kitesurfing class in New York

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