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Questions & Answers

Do the classes include equipment rental?

The lesson includes all equipment used during the training period. Enjoy!

What should I bring with me to the class?

Bring sunscreen and water. In case you are taking water class, bring booties(if you have), otherwise we should have one for you) and extra cloth.

Where I can check the wind forecast and how accurate is it?

You can view forecast for Plumb beach on our website http://uKite.Pro/wind/plumb-beach The forecast is usually accurate for the next three days.

What happens if I have a lesson scheduled and there is no wind that day or if the wind stops during my lesson?

uKite School will email you a reminder early morning on the scheduled class date. If the forecast doesn’t look promising the lesson is called off and rescheduled for a later date. If the wind dies during the lesson or the lesson needs to be called off by the instructor for any reason, the hours remaining will be done at a later date or time.

Are there any extra fees and charges?

If you purchased one of our classes there are will be no additional fees and charges.

How hard is it to learn?

Kitesurfing takes the desire to learn and time in the water flying the kites. The more time you spend flying the kites, the better your kite control will be which will ultimately allow you to progress your board skills. We have taught people of all ages and abilities over the years.

How long does it take to learn how to ride?

Most people attempt to stand up on the kite board on the second kiteboarding lesson. The success rate of standing up and riding the kite board depends on the kite control you developed on the intro lesson or previously on your own. The more time you spend on a trainer kite before your lessons, the more you will progress during the lesson.

Do I need to be a good athlete?

Being in shape helps, but you did not need to be a great athlete to kiteboard. The kites involve a lot more finesse than strength to control. You do not have to be a body builder to hold onto the kites because you have a harness that takes all of the pull.

Do I need to know how to swim?

Yes. Although, we provide you with a life jacket if you don't feel comfortable in the deep water, the swimming skills are required..

What are the age requirement for your lessons?

12 years old is the cut off age for kiteboarding lessons in the water. Although, younger kids can still fly the trainer kites on land with instruction, getting them ready for the following lessons and building base level kite flying skills. There are no maximum age requirement!

Where is your location?

We are located in Brooklyn in Plumb Beach. Here is a detailed description of how to get to us: Plumb Beach

What is the cost of the kite equipment?

Kiteboarding equipment is an investment. Kitesurfing kites generally cost the most out of everything that you need to kiteboard. Just a rough price range:
Kite $800 - $1600
Kiteboard $400-$900
Harness $130 - $300
Bar and lines $300 - $500
Safeties $30 - $100.
We have beginner kiteboard packages through advanced packages already assembled to give you a better understanding. We recommend a beginner package from Liquid Force which you can purchase at the Kitehood Shop. Usually you should choose a 12m kite as the first kite if you are planning to kite around New York.

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