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Plumb Beach



Plumb Beach is part of Jamaica Bay Unit of Gateway National Recreation Area of National Parks of NY Harbor. It is the place to kitesurf and windsurf in NYC! On a windy day many kiteboarders and windsurfers show up from all five boroughs (Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Staten Island), as well as from New Jersey, Westchester and western Long Island. This website compiles information that might be useful to those who windsurf and/or kitesurf Rockaway Inlet.



Plumb beach is the rest area that is only accessible from the eastbound side of the Belt Parkway. The pull-out for the lot is between Exit 9 (Knapp Street) and Exit 11 (Flatbush Avenue). Look for the round maroon restroom facility. After you park your car walk to the beach and walk left on the beach. You will see us over there. Here is the pin on a google map. Please do a research earlier on how to get to our place. Don't be late for your class!

Coming by bus

Belt Pkwy East, right past exit 9 on the right side of the highway (recreation area). You can get VERY close to Plumb Beach by bus B44 or B4 that go along Emmons Ave in Brooklyn. Look at the bus map. You can get to B4 bus by taking the Q or B train and getting off at the Sheepshead Bay station. Here is the bus map link: The bus stops on the corner of Emmons ave. and Knapp st. that's where there is entrance to Belt Parkway. There is a walkway, along the Belt Parkway on the right side and you can walk to Plum Beach in 10 minutes.

A message from the New York Kiteboarding Association (

Plumb Beach is one of the best spots in the New York metropolitan area to kiteboard. However the location’s narrow beach (especially at high tide) proximity to the Belt Parkway, and presence beachgoers require kiteboarders to be extra careful, courteous and knowledgeable. Following the rules below, which were developed by the local kiteboarding community, will help preserve the privilege to safely practice our sport at Plumb Beach for years to come.

  • You must have a leash; fully releasing your kite is dangerous and to be avoided at all costs except in an emergency; releasing your kite will jeopardize our access!
  • Beginners must launch on the east side of the beach, outside of the Launch Zone; if you are unsure about setup, launching, etc., feel free to ask for help or assistance.
  • Please be courteous and respectful of beachgoers, especially during launch/landing.
  • Do not kite in any north winds; they are off‐shore, extremely gusty and dangerous.
  • Do not land kites in the dunes; do not walk in the dunes – help protect the habitat.
  • If you see someone acting recklessly with a kite, please intervene; educate them yourself, refer them to one of the local instructors, or alert others if need be.
  • Do not kite in the No Kiting Zone as indicated in red below.
Where to Kite and where not to kite. At Plumb beach kitesurfing rules

Map for Plumb Beach


Current wind speed in New York is: 6.3 and gusts to 7.0 from East
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